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Referal Rewards




The Tidy Up Detailing team believes in relationships. Relationships with clients, staff, and our community.

Most relationships are developed on trust. If we have proven to you that our services and staff are 100% satisfactory, that's trust and confidence!



If you trust us enough to refer us to a friend, family member, colleague, or neighbour, good news!

We offer a $20 CASH reward to any existing customer who refers us to new clients. 


Claim your Reward

In order to receive this reward, you must let us know the full name of the client you referred, and that client must confirm your name as well. You must also have been a Tidy Up customer in the previous 30 days. 

Please email for referral rewards.

Join the Tidy Up Club

Our premium membership will give you 10% off your first booking, exclusive access to our early-bird sales, and other special offers. 

Thanks for Joining the Tidy Up Club!

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