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All refunds must be requested at least within 24 hours prior to service.  

*Tidy Up is always fair and we will be understanding depending on the situation*

Refunds will be granted with a $20 cancellation fee if notified earlier than 48 hours in advance. If notified later than 48 hours in advance refunds will be granted with a $50 cancellation fee.

Currently Tidy Up is trying to find a canopy that works for rainy days, while we are in this process we ask that you bear with us on rainy days. You will receive a message in advance (day before or day of) asking to reschedule. 

If anything comes up and you are in a position where you must reschedule we ask that you still do this at LEAST 24 hours in advance. If your appointment is rescheduled more than 3 times as a result of the client there will be a fee.  

*note, Tidy Up Detailing is charging these cancellations fees as it is our business and source of income. If a cancellation is made we are now required to fill this spot, the earlier in advance we receive your cancellation notice, the easier it is for us to add in another appointment. 

Late or missing refunds (if applicable):

1. check your bank account

2. contact your credit card company

3. contact your bank

*If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at

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